Twit-view: EASY A

onesheet(The following Twit-view contains minimal spoilers.)

• EASY A takes place in Ojai! I wonder if any Walkers went to this high school #BrothersandSisters
• Ah yes, Amanda Bynes before she went crazy
• Emma Stone is an “and” credit in this?
• “Pocketful of Sunshine” remains the only Natasha Bedingfield song I love thanks to this film

• “sexy glade candles”
• It’s hard to see Amanda Bynes as a religious authority these days
• Pussycat Dolls songs will never go out of style
• Is there a Stanley Tucci movie where he isn’t an awesome person?
• What kind of California is this where high schoolers are so prudish?
• I’m always reminded that I want to watch the Demi Moore adaptation of THE SCARLET LETTER

• Olive: “I got sent to the principle’s office today.” Mom: “Did you win a medal or something?”
• Where’s my @buzzfeed list of the 27 Greatest Parents in Teen Comedies?
• Whore Couture
• I wish Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson were my parents

• I am sad that I never got to go to a raging house party when I was in high school
• I don’t really believe that Olive and Rhiannon are such best friends…Rhi seems way too shallow to be Olive’s bff
• The soundtrack to this film holds up pretty well
• Oh right, Cam Gigandet as a sexy Christian boy
• Olive: “C’est la vie” Todd: “La vie”
• Olive’s dog is so adorable…stealing scenes while chilling in the background
• “I’m the student counselor, I should know all the students—especially the ones who dress like prostitutes.” –Lisa Kudrow
• Lisa Kudrow plays every character like Lisa Kudrow
• “He’s not the sharpest Christian in the Bible.” –Lisa Kudrow about Cam Gigandet
• Rhiannon is the worst in this film—even Marianne is a better person
• The Father of the Leader of My Lynch Mob
• What is the Lobster Shack? Is it the child of Red Lobster and Shake Shack? Because that sounds pretty great…
• I can remember all the gifs that were floating around Tumblr from this film

• The alternate title for EASY A was GIFT CARD WHORE
• I want to see Penn Badgley in a beatnik film
• I love Lalaine (from LIZZIE MCGUIRE) in her little cameo
• Emma Stone’s hair is fantastic in her random musical number

• Also, “Knock on Wood” is one of the best songs
• #FreeOlive

• EASY A is one of the few high school films to NOT have a prom
• Lalaine is credited as “Gossipy Girl” (maybe it wasn’t really Dan who was GOSSIP GIRL)


TWO BOYS KISSING Accurately Portrays Gay Teens Today

17456790David Levithan is currently one of the greatest YA authors today. Constantly pushing inventive writing and unique storytelling devices, all aimed at capturing the attention of teenagers and inspiring a new generation of readers and writers. What’s more, he does a powerful job of portraying LGBT characters in these novels as well. And now, 10 years after his breakthrough novel Boy Meets Boy, Levithan captures gay culture in 2013 in Two Boys Kissing.

Told from the perspective of the Gays of the Past, who speak in “we” pronoun form, we follow a weekend in the lives of various gay teenagers as two ex-boyfriends/best friends try to break the record for the world’s longest kiss. Levithan gives us a glimpse at nearly every type of teen in love from the newly infatuated couple to the depressed, suicidal loner. It’s a mosaic of characters who accurately portray what it is like to be a gay teen in America today.

Two Boys Kissing (inspired by a Walt Whitman poem) feels too contrived in the beginning: the “we” voice is convoluted and some of the more poignant storylines feel emotionally manipulative. But once you become fully immersed in the novel you’ll be unable to stop reading. You soon forgive the novel its contrivances for its overall message, a hopeful and inspiring one for gay teens. And you’ll be reminded just how wonderful Levithan’s writing truly is.




(The following Twit-view contains minimal spoilers.)

  • The opening credit sequence is so superb…it’s like a Bond film (ironic because of Daniel Craig)
  • Robin Wright’s hair is weird when it’s long (and not freakishly platinum blonde)
  • Goran Visnjic’s hair is weird when it’s blond in general (although he looks less stern)
  • SPOTTED: #TheKilling’s Joe Kinnaman as Mikael’s gay coworker?
  • How much IKEA furniture can you spot in the office? In the entire film?!? #drinkinggame
  • Seeing Embeth Davitz’s random appearance as Mikael’s sister reminds me of how amazing this cast is
  • There’s Daniel Craig drinking out of an IKEA wineglass that I have
  • The soundtrack combined with the snow is perfect for this howling, desolate landscape
  • When he is driven to the Vanger mansion I can’t help but pause and rewatch the film’s trailer
  • I desperately want Mikael’s reading glasses
  • Harriet looks like a young Tilda Swinton (does she have a daughter?)
  • (She has twins! But they’re not in this movie)
  • I love when tedious exposition is delivered in a way that doesn’t make me roll my eyes
  • But why can’t Rooney Mara have eyebrows?!
  • (Her eyebrows are dyed a paler blonde than my own near-invisible eyebrows)
  • “The man who hires the detective should always be kept on the suspects list.” –Henrik Vangar
  • Maester Luwin makes a random appearance #GameofThrones
  • The “Pappa” mug on Bjurman’s desk makes him even creepier than he already is
  • Between SOUND OF MUSIC’s Christopher Plummer and MAMMA MIA!’s Stellan Skarsgard I wonder how long until the Vangar family musical
  • Joely Richardson seems out of place in this film (although Geraldine James is a perfect cast as her older sister)
  • The back and forth between Lisbeth and Mikael is tiresome (also: distracting)
  • What do you think Daenerys would make of Lisbeth’s dragon tattoo? #GameofThrones
  • Emily Thorne could use some #Revenge tips from Lisbeth Salander
  • Where can I get Lisbeth’s “FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING FUCK” tee?
  • I bet Alan Dale’s senior superlative was Most Likely to Appear in Everything
  • Daniel Craig’s never-ending supply of shawl-collared sweaters
  • What if instead of opening the door to find a mutilated cat, Mikael found Gwyneth Paltrow’s head? #FincherMashup
  • Oh, Craig is wearing a Henley—what a nice change of pace
  • (that lasted literally 45 seconds)
  • I’m sad they didn’t use Svedka vodka in this scene
  • That brief moment when you see Daniel Craig’s ass crack
  • (Rachel Weisz knows what I’m talking about.)
  • It’s kinda bizarre how much the protagonists smoke cigarettes in this film (Carrie Bradshaw and Nick Naylor would be proud)
  • The score is trying so hard to thread this back-and-forth together—it’s still not fully working
  • “The fear of offending is stronger than the fear of pain.” –Martin Vanger
  • “May I kill him?” –Lisbeth is SO polite
  • Bridges seem to be very important/pivotal in Sweden (see also: #TheBridge)
  • Is Lisbeth standing by the flaming car an allusion to the sequel THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE?
  • PLOT TWIST! They changed the ending, and I like how they toy with the readers’ expectations.
  • Rooney Mara is stunning as a blonde
  • And is Lisbeth’s neck tattoo an allusion to THE GIRL WHO KICKED THE HORNETS’ NEST?
  • Such a bittersweet note to end on after so many triumphant moments