Twit-view: EASY A

onesheet(The following Twit-view contains minimal spoilers.)

• EASY A takes place in Ojai! I wonder if any Walkers went to this high school #BrothersandSisters
• Ah yes, Amanda Bynes before she went crazy
• Emma Stone is an “and” credit in this?
• “Pocketful of Sunshine” remains the only Natasha Bedingfield song I love thanks to this film

• “sexy glade candles”
• It’s hard to see Amanda Bynes as a religious authority these days
• Pussycat Dolls songs will never go out of style
• Is there a Stanley Tucci movie where he isn’t an awesome person?
• What kind of California is this where high schoolers are so prudish?
• I’m always reminded that I want to watch the Demi Moore adaptation of THE SCARLET LETTER

• Olive: “I got sent to the principle’s office today.” Mom: “Did you win a medal or something?”
• Where’s my @buzzfeed list of the 27 Greatest Parents in Teen Comedies?
• Whore Couture
• I wish Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson were my parents

• I am sad that I never got to go to a raging house party when I was in high school
• I don’t really believe that Olive and Rhiannon are such best friends…Rhi seems way too shallow to be Olive’s bff
• The soundtrack to this film holds up pretty well
• Oh right, Cam Gigandet as a sexy Christian boy
• Olive: “C’est la vie” Todd: “La vie”
• Olive’s dog is so adorable…stealing scenes while chilling in the background
• “I’m the student counselor, I should know all the students—especially the ones who dress like prostitutes.” –Lisa Kudrow
• Lisa Kudrow plays every character like Lisa Kudrow
• “He’s not the sharpest Christian in the Bible.” –Lisa Kudrow about Cam Gigandet
• Rhiannon is the worst in this film—even Marianne is a better person
• The Father of the Leader of My Lynch Mob
• What is the Lobster Shack? Is it the child of Red Lobster and Shake Shack? Because that sounds pretty great…
• I can remember all the gifs that were floating around Tumblr from this film

• The alternate title for EASY A was GIFT CARD WHORE
• I want to see Penn Badgley in a beatnik film
• I love Lalaine (from LIZZIE MCGUIRE) in her little cameo
• Emma Stone’s hair is fantastic in her random musical number

• Also, “Knock on Wood” is one of the best songs
• #FreeOlive

• EASY A is one of the few high school films to NOT have a prom
• Lalaine is credited as “Gossipy Girl” (maybe it wasn’t really Dan who was GOSSIP GIRL)

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  1. Loved this film 🙂



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