Helen Fielding Will Make You Just MAD ABOUT BRIDGET JONES All Over Again

This year has seen a slew of high profile authors releasing sequels to their iconic novels (Stephen King, John Grisham, Lauren Weisberger). So Helen Fielding’s follow-up to her Bridget Jones books seems to be perfectly timed. Since Edge of Reason was released in 1998, a lot has happened in Bridget’s life. Fielding has updated Bridget to the present day, and created some controversial storytelling in the process.
bridget-jones-mad-about-the-boy1It’s been four years since Bridget’s husband Mark Darcy died, leaving her with their two children, Billy and Mabel. Her recovery from this tragedy has been a long process, but her friends insist on pushing her to start dating again. And just like that, our old friend Bridget is back. She goes on a diet, joins Twitter, and starts writing a screenplay—bumbling and fumbling through it all in true Bridget fashion.
While most of Britain was in an uproar at the death of Darcy, I feel that it was a smart move. Bridget has always been about her troubles with men, so it would make sense to have her dating once again. And this way we get to keep a pure memory of Darcy and don’t resent Bridget’s new loves—although her dating a younger man is equally controversial. But her toy boy Roxster (whom she meets through Twitter) is a charming match, and they have exceptional chemistry in the novel—even though it is a bit juvenile.
Where Mad About the Boy falters, though, is in the overall storytelling. Bridget’s struggles with social media and texting are spot on, but so much of her mom drama and screenplay ineptitudes are long drawn out. Far too much time is spent dealing with a bout of head lice. And Fielding seems to have reached a new record for the number of times a book has used the word fart. Despite this, Bridget’s shorter diary entries—no longer constrained to the month-by-month format—help move the story along much faster.
As someone very plugged into the pop culture of the moment, I found this entry in the series the most accessible. Her humor really shines through in this novel more so than in the previous ones. It was impossible for me to read this book without a huge grin on my face. I definitely recommend any fan of Bridget Jones to pick up a copy ASAP.

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