THE WHITE QUEEN 1.1 Twit-cap: “In Love with the King”

(The following Twit-cap contains minimal spoilers)


  • This wintry opening scene is very much like the opening #GameofThrones scene
  • Elizabeth Grey? Does she undergo a journey similar to Gandalf to become the WHITE Queen?
  • (She’s about to perform some magic, so maybe?)
  • This is possibly the most feminine that Janet McTeer has ever looked
  • Elizabeth can’t be bother to change her clothes before her next meeting with the King? How poor IS she?
  • At least she took those 15th Century self defense classes
  • Must stop self from picking everyone’s corresponding #GameofThrone’s character
  • (Instead of a Kingslayer there’s a Kingmaker)
  • “So this is love?” –King Edward bursts into the classic CINDERELLA song
  • How do you forget the ring to your own secret wedding?
  • Max Irons can be my King
  • This Seer business is intriguing but also v silly
  • And the dialogue could really use some work
  • “Your daughter will never be royal.” –Duchess Cecily bursts into the popular Lorde single
  • #TheWhiteQueen is equal parts #GameofThrones and #TheTudors and I’m totally OK with that
  • I should also really brush up on my War of the Roses knowledge…or just keep watching the rest of the season…
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  1. 😦 I’m upset that I don’t have Starz. I would love to see this show.



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