(The following Twit-view contains minimal spoilers.)

  • The opening credit sequence is so superb…it’s like a Bond film (ironic because of Daniel Craig)
  • Robin Wright’s hair is weird when it’s long (and not freakishly platinum blonde)
  • Goran Visnjic’s hair is weird when it’s blond in general (although he looks less stern)
  • SPOTTED: #TheKilling’s Joe Kinnaman as Mikael’s gay coworker?
  • How much IKEA furniture can you spot in the office? In the entire film?!? #drinkinggame
  • Seeing Embeth Davitz’s random appearance as Mikael’s sister reminds me of how amazing this cast is
  • There’s Daniel Craig drinking out of an IKEA wineglass that I have
  • The soundtrack combined with the snow is perfect for this howling, desolate landscape
  • When he is driven to the Vanger mansion I can’t help but pause and rewatch the film’s trailer
  • I desperately want Mikael’s reading glasses
  • Harriet looks like a young Tilda Swinton (does she have a daughter?)
  • (She has twins! But they’re not in this movie)
  • I love when tedious exposition is delivered in a way that doesn’t make me roll my eyes
  • But why can’t Rooney Mara have eyebrows?!
  • (Her eyebrows are dyed a paler blonde than my own near-invisible eyebrows)
  • “The man who hires the detective should always be kept on the suspects list.” –Henrik Vangar
  • Maester Luwin makes a random appearance #GameofThrones
  • The “Pappa” mug on Bjurman’s desk makes him even creepier than he already is
  • Between SOUND OF MUSIC’s Christopher Plummer and MAMMA MIA!’s Stellan Skarsgard I wonder how long until the Vangar family musical
  • Joely Richardson seems out of place in this film (although Geraldine James is a perfect cast as her older sister)
  • The back and forth between Lisbeth and Mikael is tiresome (also: distracting)
  • What do you think Daenerys would make of Lisbeth’s dragon tattoo? #GameofThrones
  • Emily Thorne could use some #Revenge tips from Lisbeth Salander
  • Where can I get Lisbeth’s “FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING FUCK” tee?
  • I bet Alan Dale’s senior superlative was Most Likely to Appear in Everything
  • Daniel Craig’s never-ending supply of shawl-collared sweaters
  • What if instead of opening the door to find a mutilated cat, Mikael found Gwyneth Paltrow’s head? #FincherMashup
  • Oh, Craig is wearing a Henley—what a nice change of pace
  • (that lasted literally 45 seconds)
  • I’m sad they didn’t use Svedka vodka in this scene
  • That brief moment when you see Daniel Craig’s ass crack
  • (Rachel Weisz knows what I’m talking about.)
  • It’s kinda bizarre how much the protagonists smoke cigarettes in this film (Carrie Bradshaw and Nick Naylor would be proud)
  • The score is trying so hard to thread this back-and-forth together—it’s still not fully working
  • “The fear of offending is stronger than the fear of pain.” –Martin Vanger
  • “May I kill him?” –Lisbeth is SO polite
  • Bridges seem to be very important/pivotal in Sweden (see also: #TheBridge)
  • Is Lisbeth standing by the flaming car an allusion to the sequel THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE?
  • PLOT TWIST! They changed the ending, and I like how they toy with the readers’ expectations.
  • Rooney Mara is stunning as a blonde
  • And is Lisbeth’s neck tattoo an allusion to THE GIRL WHO KICKED THE HORNETS’ NEST?
  • Such a bittersweet note to end on after so many triumphant moments
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