Check Into the Intimate “28 Hotel Rooms”

This is definitely the Chris Messina’s year. From guest and starring roles on TV shows like Newsroom, Damages, and The Mindy Project to roles in films like Argo, Ruby Sparks, and Celeste & Jesse Forever, Messina has fully invaded the pop culture consciousness. And in 28 Hotel Rooms he finally gets his own lead role.

tumblr_mdwn7r5njS1r8enjwo1_1280Also starring Marin Ireland (from guest roles on Homeland and Boss), 28 Hotel Rooms follows the affair between these two characters as it progresses through 28 different hotel rooms. He plays a writer who goes through a series of girlfriends. She plays an accountant who has recently gotten married. After meeting up in a hotel bar, the two begin a romance that starts as passionate sex and grows into a much stronger connection. (And in the entire film we never learn their names!)
From writer/director Matt Ross (normally seen acting: Big Love, American Horror Story: Asylum), this deeply intimate film portrays an adulterous affair in an almost positive light. Hotel Rooms doesn’t necessarily promote adultery, but it is hard to watch this film and not root for them to get together, while simultaneously disliking their respective significant others. Part of this is because we only ever see these two actors, but part of this is because the chemistry between Messina and Ireland is so incredible that you just feel they belong together.

The intimacy of the film makes it very easy to get engrossed in the characters, and 28 Hotel Rooms is definitely a character-driven piece. The 28 different rooms–and encounters—occur over the course of a couple of years, slowly depicting how their lives shape. But it’s less about the plot and more about their passion. It’s a destructive and explosive relationships that could either implode on itself or bring ruin to those closest to them, and after the last hotel room it is up to you to decide how exactly it will go.

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