Avoid Getting Caught “In Between Men”

For all the great LGBT webseries out there, there are bound to be a few duds. In Between Men falls into that latter category. In the same style as Hunting Season, Men follows four gay men’s drama-filled lives in Manhattan. But other than voiceover narration, these two series share very little in common.

Dalton (Nick Matthews) is the leader of the bunch and an up-and-coming event planner. Although he prefers to work independently, Kendra (Margot Bingham) is luring him to come work for her high profile PR firm. Benjamin (Ben Pamies) is the requisite slut of the group, but Pamies gives him enough emotional depth to make him the only interesting male character. Jacob (Max Rhyser) is the bisexual artist in a long-term relationship with insecure bartender Kyle (Sidney E. Wright). And Dane (Chase Coleman) plays yet another insecure gay man, one who has to dole out pills to addicts in order to get laid.

In Between Men claims to focus on the masculine/feminine identity crisis that affects so many gay men (see also: Bro-ing Pains); but, aside from a disdainful view of Pride, the show ignores this theme after the first episode. Yet the lack of thematic concept isn’t what plagues the series, it’s that writer Quincy Morris seems unable to write a coherent episode. Each short “episode” is comprised of one or two scenes following each of the characters’ lives that almost comprise a complete story when watched all at once. While each episode does an adequate job of setting up the stories, it skips the middle portion and cuts right to their conclusion, making them not just anticlimactic but befuddling as well. And even Dalton’s contrived voiceovers can’t pull together the episodic stories.

Despite the poor structure of the series, Morris does have some interesting plot twists. The secret motives behind Kendra’s character make her the most compelling of the characters. But if the only female character on your gay male webseries is the only interesting character, then you’re doing something wrong. (And don’t get me started on Dalton’s schizophrenic Italian boyfriend Massimiliano played by Michael Sharon.)

When looking for a new webseries to delve into, be sure to avoid In Between Men (after all there are plenty of quality ones out there). Even as a guilty pleasure, the series elicits more guilt than pleasure.


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