It’s Never Too Late to Get Into “The Outs”

The Outs is the first webseries I’ve seen that could easily transition into an actual TV series (for cable, of course). The episodes are long enough, ranging from 20-30 minutes; and the incredible writing gives the show enough substance to make it very compelling, at times even emotionally devastating. Created by Adam Goldman along with Sasha Winters, The Outs explores the muddy waters of life after an intense breakup.

Mitchell (Goldman) and Jack (Hunter Canning) have had a dramatic breakup (the details of which are slowly revealed throughout the series) and are now trying to move on with their lives. Jack goes through a slutty phase, leading him to “Scruffy” (Tommy Heleringer). Meanwhile, Mitchell is trying to rehabilitate his close friendship with Oona (Winters), who was also greatly affected by the breakup, while also attempting to start dating again.

The show’s strong writing (also by Goldman) and crisp cinematography (Jay Gillespie) will quickly draw you into the series. Goldman’s playwright style of writing combined with a stage-like delivery of lines by the actors gives it an overall theatrical vibe that is lacking in many other webseries (i.e. In Between Men, The Vessel). The lengthier episodes, too, allow for more thorough character and plot development.

If the Manhattan lifestyle of Hunting Season makes it akin to Sex and the City, then the Brooklyn world of The Outs makes it akin to Girls (wouldn’t that make for a great hour of TV on HBO?). Both are outstanding webseries that prove that this form of media is yet another great way to express compelling storytelling.

You can watch all 6 episodes of the series here.

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