“Bro-ing Pains” Tackles Friendships Between Gay and Straight Men

Bro-ing Pains is “a webseries about a dude who likes dudes surrounded by dudes who like chicks.” In a market that is flooded with LGBT-themed webseries, Bro-ing Pains explores ground that hasn’t really been focused on before: namely, friendships between gay men and straight men. Other than recent sitcoms like Partners and Happy Endings, this kind of relationship is almost nonexistent in pop culture; yet so many gay many have close friendships with straight men, so it’s great to finally see that depicted.

The series follows Tyler (writer/co-director Jonothon Mitchell) as he struggles to identify both as a gay man and as a fraternity brother. His brothers (played by Ryan Weiss and David Kim) easily accept him—mostly because he’s “straight-acting”—but his roommate (Ericka Winterrowd) feels gypped because she wants him to be her cliché gay bff (making for some amusing tiffs). Soon, she and Tyler make a bet that involves him sleeping with a guy in every fraternity on campus, a plot that is both convoluted and entertaining.

Most TV series take four episodes to fully establish themselves, but in the world of webseries it seems to only take three. And that’s definitely true for Bro-ing Pains. The first episode feels more like Mitchell’s treatise on how it feels to be gay in a fraternity. While it does set up the thematic concepts of the show, it does very little for the show’s plot. The second episode is when the wager is made and we learn just enough about the characters to see how they all fit together. But the third episode is when the characters begin to feel real (and also when the actors begin to feel comfortable playing them). Tyler becomes humanized as a character when he is confronted by his ex-boyfriend (Filipe Valle Costa) at a Pride meeting (that feels like an AA meeting). He goes from being just a caricature of a gay bro to being a character that viewers can sympathize with, making the show fully engaging.

The episodes are being slowly doled out on YouTube as Mitchell and co-director Skyler Scott Kern continue to film and edit the series, giving you plenty of time to get sucked into the world of Bro-ing Pains.

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