For a Good Time, Call…

The other female comedy to receive a theatrical release this week was the hilarious For a Good Time, Call. Just like in Bachelorette, Good Time focuses on female friendship. This time it’s Lauren (Lauren Anne Miller) and Katie (Nick & Norah’s Ari Graynor playing a slightly-more-matured Caroline) who start off as enemies but turn into close friends when they end up living together and starting a phone sex business. The perfect chemistry of the cast and well-executed script by Miller and Katie Anne Naylon, make this the funniest movie I’ve seen in the last year.

When Lauren’s boyfriend (a despicable James Wolk, for once) dumps her to move to Italy, she is forced to move out. Meanwhile, Katie is struggling to find a roommate so she can hold onto her Gramercy Park apartment after her grandmother has died. These two are brought together by their gay “uncle” Jesse (Justin Long, whose portrayal of a gay man would be almost offensive if it weren’t so amusing).

Despite a long-standing grudge against each other from a college mishap, these girls build a strong, female relationship while developing a phone sex business. Naturally, sex jokes abound in this film; but with such skillful comedic timing it never feels inappropriate. They manage to be raunchy without making you feel dirty (in the way that Bridesmaids does).

Unlike the dark comedy Bachelorette, Good Time is a very light-hearted and uplifting film. Both films explore the various aspects of female friendship, with Good Time providing a positive look at this form of relationship (something that seems to be lacking in pop culture). Either way, both are positive influences on the female comedy.


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