I’ve Got Your Number

Poppy Wyatt has just lost her fiancé’s family heirloom emerald engagement ring and then her phone gets nicked. Luckily, she finds a discarded phone in the trash bin and gives that number to everyone in the hotel in case they find the lost ring. Clinging to that phone as her last hope, she becomes involved in the life of businessman Sam Roxton—the phone previously belonged to his incompetent PA and has important emails and messages in it. With a week before the wedding, Poppy is doing everything in her power to find the lost ring without having to tell fiancé Magnus Tavish or his parents.

This hilarious romantic comedy by Sophie Kinsella will have you giggling from page one all the way to the thrilling climax. Told in the first person by Poppy—who has included her asides in the form of footnotes—you quickly learn the trials and tribulations involved with sharing a phone with a complete stranger. As she snoops into Sam’s life, she becomes so embroiled in his office drama that she fails to notice the drama enfolding in her own.

Kinsella has written an addictive chick lit novel that sucks you in before you even realize it. Drawing inspiration from classic Jane Austen characters—whether purposefully or not—you’ll find it impossible not to fall in love with these characters. Add this to your summer reading list before the season ends!

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