White Collar: Season Three

Before Matt Bomer skyrocketed into pop culture fame by singing on Glee, he was the star of USA’sWhite Collar. Bomer plays con man and art thief Neal Caffrey (whose reliance on a fedora is more successful than Maria Bello’s on Prime Suspect and his spiffy suit collection would give How I Met Your Mother’s Neil Patrick Harris a run for his money). After being caught—again—by FBI agent Peter Burke (Tim DeKay) upon escaping from prison, he convinces Peter to let him assist with the FBI in catching other criminals (something he knows a lot about) instead of sending him right back into prison. Thus is the premise for the show.

In season three the writers strike a perfect balance of procedural and serialized storytelling (something most shows fail at—except The Good Wife andScandal). The story picks up with Peter suspecting Neal of having stolen the Nazi U-boat treasure that supposedly blew up at the end of season two. In actuality, it was Neal’s criminal bff Mozzie (played to hilarity by Willie Garson) who stole the treasure. He convinces Neal to run away from New York forever and start a life of luxury and freedom in Europe.

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See also: Brandon Touhey’s critique of the White Collar Set Design.

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  1. Thanks for the mention!


  2. Ha! I just began watching this show and I am hooked! I love cast. I wonder what is up with Neal’s girlfriend, is she playing him or not?



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