The Letter Q

This book, edited by Sarah Moon and produced by The Trevor Project, focuses on the “It Gets Better” campaign. A slew of queer writers pen notes to their younger selves to inform that everything is gonna be OK (more or less). This is exactly the kind of book I would have loved to read in high school when I was questioning so many things in my life (and it seems like these writers could have used this book as well).

The letters in the book are inspiring and uplifting. It’s a hopeful book, and one that every teenager questioning their sexuality should read. It is also an important book for any adult to read as well. Any and every queer person can relate to so many different things in this book.

Most of the letters are just variations of the same message, but each writer is unique and in their different styles you can find new things that resonate with you as a reader. Some of the writers are illustrators as well, and they drew their letter in comic book style. Here are some quotations that I found inspirational in this book:

  • “There is an elusive border dividing the great nation of Self-Respect from the third world country called Wallowing.” –Nick Burd
  • “You will discover that all gay men are not stylish, witty, promiscuous, and viciously entertaining. No one said that equality was going to be fun.” –Paul Rudnick
  • “Your best friend since fourth grade is gay. Just so you know.” –Rakesh Satyal (this happened to me too!)
  • “It will take some time, but you will fall truly, madly, deeply, and finally in love.” –James Lecesne

There are many other gems in this book, and I dare you to read this book and NOT get something out of it.

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