The gay indie film eCupid puts a twist on Internet dating. When Marshall feels like his life—and 7-year relationship with Gabe—is growing stagnant, he impulse signs up for the new dating app eCupid; but he gets more than he bargained for (or does he get exactly what he asked for?). The app installs itself in his phone and begins to manipulate his life.

The acting in this film wasn’t as cringe inducing as most gay indie films I’ve seen—although the purposefully awkward flirting certainly was. However, the emotionality of the film felt very static. Only one time did Houston Rhines (Marshall) raise his voice. For a story about a couple struggling to stay together, you would think there would be more yelling and pleading instead the subdued cordiality that they exhibit. The quirky cast of supporting characters whom Marshall meets on his journey served their purpose well enough, and we can tell what the lesson he is learning will turn out to be within the first thirty minutes.

Overall, the film is flirty and fun and entertaining. It does some imaginative storytelling that helps it stand out from the other more predictable films in this genre. Also, it boasts zero sex scenes—gratuitous sex being the main appeal (and sometimes downfall) of lesser films in this genre. But don’t worry, there are enough shirtless hotties to keep you visually entertained.

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